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Carpenters want contractors to meet area standards

On Wednesday afternoon, October 25,  Carpenters conducted an informational picket in front of the offices of Olympia Construction at 1303 4th Avenue East in Olympia. Our picket was an effort to educate the public about the fact that some contractors in our construction industry are willing to pay a fair wage with a medical insurance package and a pension.

Olympia Construction doesn’t pay area standard.  Contractors like Olympia Construction who don›t meet this standard have an unfair advantage over those that do. It also means that the lives, families and communities of working carpenters get hurt when carpenters are paid substandard wages. It can also mean unsafe working conditions on the job as carpenters are often asked by such contractors to bring their own tools and gear to the work site.

These unfair contractors also belong to entities like Master Builders or sit on the city’s planning  organizations, which gives them undue power and influence. For example, Mike Auderer, the owner of Olympia Construction, is a member of the Olympia Planning Commission.

The Carpenters Union has always been an advocate for workers and the voiceless. All we ask is that Olympia Construction pay its employees the area standard wage and benefit package.

Jose Perry is an organizer with the Pacific Northwest Council of Carpenters. You can get more information about area standards by calling him at: 360 480-4200.


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