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Bringing Black Nationalism to Olympia

It’s been 160 years now, for the city of Olympia and the surrounding Thurston County region to rid itself from racist denial of Black Community–White enrichment continues to locally flourish with a self-sustaining “artspace community project” while Black Community is nowhere to be found.

Black Power encounters a JamaicaMon

I am duty bound as the “New Black Power of Black Nationalism” to guide prominent political structures into creation of Black Nationhood among all states of our union, and to recruit Black soldiers to that endeavor as well. As a Revolutionary Black Nationalist, whose philosophy is to love all people within that pursuit, and correct a horrific wrong of White America’s past against Black people, I serve with a spirit of “Black Prophetic Fire” of not leadership, but of Black Propheticism. Black Leadership is a potential fallacy upon glorious material offerings, potentially misguiding Black people. Black Propheticism rebukes such glorious material offerings of this world while putting realistic and equalized Black Power into all hands of Black people regardless of their background in life. This is a mission of divine intervention to heal this world by infusing it with an embrace of humanity’s different make-ups, and respecting the differing boundaries of humanity as enrichment to all humankind.

Segregation (Separatism) is absolutely essential for preservation and the evolving of one’s natural origins. DeSegregation (Multi-Culturalism) is comparably essential as it has always been unpreventable. Because I am a Black American, and the humanity of my Black people of this Nation remains horridly stripped away and replaced with the Civil Rights of Multi-Culturalism, the Black Prophetic spirit of my being has chosen a position among the frontlines of battle. Not a position of enacting violence, but one that involves actions of self-defense against violence already introduced as a threat of harm. The patheticism of White America’s outright refusal to address “Reparative Justice” in terms of economically funding and fully restoring sovereignty of “Black Nationhood of the Americas,” has pushed the envelope on Black America’s self-defense posture. This posture has been wrongfully looked upon as Black cultural violence versus the reactionary acts in response to the not so obvious and much hidden practices of violent White social norms.

Since I first arrived in Olympia—no different than back at home in Champaign/Urbana, Illinois—I had arrived for “groundbreaking social change” (meaning the inclusion of Black people). When you’ve up-rooted someone like me from a Black community that’s known for its Black Power movement and place me within an all-White community, then surely you understand the racial adversity that followed would be somewhat intense. Add to that intensity the anointment of power and authority of the civilian police services—Black America’s most dreaded social enforcer of genocide. The maligning [by you or of you?] of an all-White police agency, all-White city governing body, and all-White community that stood unchallenged in the absence of a Black community (i.e., Black Power, Black Authority and Black Wealth), set the stage for me to be caught-up in a deathtrap (Black Lynching). Certainly, the worst situation for someone such as myself, who had repressed a Revolutionary Black Nationalist stance in pursuit of common-ground in uniform. [police officer?]

There is a wealth of historical facts supporting Black folks being run out of town as well as racially discriminatory practices across-the-board that discourages a Black population. This would ultimately and predictably end— with an unjustifiable termination—my professional career in the OPD after 18 years. It involved politically-charged racial controversy, which did not exclude Black mis-leadership that had long been clueless of the critical challenges faced by Black people locally. An obviously sold and bought out local Black leadership, who ignored the essential nature of populating Black people within their own community type settings as a cultural necessity of social stability.

Encountering the JamaicaMon

“What’s wrong with these Black folks around here?” is what I asked myself upon first arriving in 1992 (as well in 2015). Unfortunately, it’s all too clear that Black folks around here have no rational sense on where they’ve come from historically. Not only what they’re up against as Black people, but a clear perspective on what this era really means for Black America’s future.

Approaching Black folks locally with an unintimidating spirit of Black Nationalism has been one met with confusion, fear, and outright ignorance on the matters of cultivating Black Power. I have come across a prevailing sense among most that multi-culturalism is the pre-eminent political norm of social change, and Black Nationalism on the other hand is rather insultingly controversial to local unity in a diverse community. As a usual, I’m rather candid in my approach of Black people on where I stand as a local political activist.

JamaicaMon is a local citizen and we had both passingly come across one another on numerous occasions without personally getting into a deep discussion as I was hoping to accomplish at some point. When I approached JamaicaMon for an open conversation on the subject of Black community and where exactly he fitted into that, my background as a Revolutionary Black Nationalist was known at the beginning of our conversation. I sought to not only obtain an insightful understanding on JamaicaMon’s personal views regarding me as a Black Nationalist, but also his personal views on local Black community.

Our conversational views between one another were certainly not agreeable on every aspect as we exchanged our comments. One area where we differed was his statement that Black people are “identically the same” as all other humankind. In my disagreement, I pointed out that nature had intended for different humankinds—no different than the animals, plants, and insects of this Earth. I also had him consider the fact that environmental influence on human genes was also a factor in humankind evolving as being different from one another. I mentioned that granted, humankind was certainly similar in many ways of creation regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, or some other divisionary make-up, but we as a human population of this world were intended to be separate, based on natural differences.

Now, that’s not to say that I’m against humankind inter-mixing, based on their differences, but separation being essential for preserving one’s natural origins as being critical for evolving in the future. In fact, I am a very supportive proponent of humankind inter-mixing to produce an even greater diverse offspring of humankind. Also, even though it has long ago been scientifically established that Black genes are the “most” dominantly expressive genes on Earth among inter-mixing of humankind, the producing of our varied Black humanity is one that we have deeply cherished with an obligation of overseeing within America’s Black Nationhood.

When it came to a discussion on “power of authority,” JamaicaMon represented all humankind as being “equally” possessed with such natural ability. He went on to refer to Black people’s powering authority as being corruptly aligned with hierarchal ancestral blood lineage. JamaicaMon made specific reference to a Black tribe of people known as the Olmec Tribe, and he expressed belief in their tribal leaders playing an integral role among other prominent world leaders of powering authority today. That belief carried over into JamaicaMon expressing spiritual distrust within man-made economies, yet preferring to rely more so on spirituality connecting him with nature’s surroundings as resourceful inner-peace.

As the conversation between us continued to go back and forth from agreeing to disagreeing on different topical issues for representing the whole of his self-image, it all eventually culminated into JamaicaMon’s personal view of our conversation “going nowhere.” I, on the other hand, expressed enjoying the conversation regardless of differing points of view, willing to keep myself open for future conversations. In reality, our conversation was actually about how he personally saw, and felt about the issue of Black Nationalism (as well as my community activism on promoting it locally). The overall response to that issue basically ended with a statement form him saying to leave him alone at plucking strings on a Guitar, immersing himself into an imaginative lyrical world.” An imaginative lyrical world affording him to escape (Sedating) from a painful reality of racially oppressive surroundings in Olympia as a dejected Black Manchild. Or, could it actually be that locally Olympia had given JamaicaMon paradise as opposed to more challenging struggles of survival, which he had experienced back in Jamaica?

Listen Black folks out there, I have never had a problem with forewarning Black parents to avoid exposing their young and developing Black minds to Olympia’s downtown environs, nor other parts of Olympia for all that that matters. As I have politically represented before, the phenomenon of “Caucasian Overload” in its extreme is quite prevalent throughout Olympia, and very caustic toward Black people’s health. A facetious paradise for the gullible and complacent Black people who choose to carelessly find themselves caught-up in its communal net of genocide.

Consider the obvious psychological damaging imprints left upon the youthful developing minds of Black children, when those young Black minds come in direct exposure to White toxic environs overwhelmingly conveying White people as vastly superior in numbers of a social structure, vastly dominant in numbers of an authoritative social structure, vastly wealthier in numbers of a social structures, and vastly portrayed as far more intelligent in numbers of a social structure. The psychological damage can be exceedingly harmful to their personal outlook upon life. The lingering psychological damage done basically sets forth a progressive social stage upon which the youthful Black intellect envisions itself as inferior, and social success predicated upon the White race leading them by example.

Another side of the racist construct going on around here in Olympia, is accepted and outright perpetration on Black culture by White people. The degrading social conditions existing for Black people are downplayed with a deceiving sense of diverse inclusion through outward expressions played upon Black culture. Whether it be White folks around here enrolled at nearby Evergreen State College’s lack lustering image on being a progressive liberal arts institution, or just simply White folks from the community subconsciously going about everyday life, to White folks sporting fashionable Dreadlocks, Braided Hair, Cornrows, or the Natural (Afro) look in combination with African garb, or African music becomes testament to Black culture’s perpetration. By the way, none of them has a bit of natural genetic Black soul (Pretentious Wanna-Be Expressive of Black) about themselves, nor are they capable of intellectually giving a lived experienced on truly understanding, and knowing what it’s really like being a Black person having to survive in their local White world. Such behavior is nothing short of a disparaging statement in the face of Black people having to survive here locally.

This is the White group that JamaicaMon himself has preferably chosen to socially intermingle, versus his own Black people locally. In reality, JamaicaMon is not alone when it comes to local Black people preferring to socialize outside of their own race, while clearly recognizing a dangerous lack of empowering inclusion. The practice is all too common locally involving Black people, whom I often find myself being rejected by and looked upon as an outsider instigating with Black militancy. The minute that those words of “Revolutionary Black Nationalist” roll off my lips, the non-verbal cues whether facial expressions, or some other form of body language begin to convey a sense of desiring immediate flight without time to lose. It’s as if Black Nationalism within their mind-set is a threatening and violent concept setting them up for inevitable peril, while on the other hand an immensely threatening and violent White Supremacy and its obvious oppressive state are preferred as a calming norm to be embraced. I have basically labeled this type of Black demeanor as one being “subconsciously fear struck” with no challenging spirit desiring to acquire Black Power, acquire Black Authority, and acquire Black Wealth at availing themselves of such a social predicament. In all honesty, it’s fair in saying that just like JamaicaMon, the Black folks around here have taken to plucking strings on a Guitar, while drifting aimlessly into mental thoughts of an appealing world envisioned through lyrical imaginations. It’s all about being overwhelmingly struck by fear…

Preference for artist community over Black Community

Would you believe that money and politics around here just recently came together with a vision to create a self-sustaining art community, while locally Black history, which clearly represents Black Community, is being rejected? This visionary artful idea has heated-up into some serious supporting politics on the project around here. Backing it is a national alliance serving to push through a legislative agenda.

Here I am a Revolutionary Black Nationalist who’s been voicing aloud on groundbreaking change of creating Black community locally or just simply trying to bring awareness to Black culture being non-existent that has very unstable consequences for Black people. Since being “deceivingly lured” here in 1992, I’ve been sounding all sort of alarms on this troubled White environment that’s stewing in racist controversy—a Ferguson, Missouri that will ultimately explode on a national level. A simmering representation of Black Community that’s been historically denied and deprived for over a century; an idea image of the on-going horrific wrongs of this nation upon Black Americans. This so-called Art Community Project is looking to bring people of different art backgrounds and industries of art together within a contained setting. A self-sustaining containment that will provide price regulated housing, spiritual support, studio and gallery space for retailing their produced merchandise or talented services.

Now, wait one minute, White America, that is ideally what you’ve been denying and depriving Black Americans throughout our history and on a much larger scale in terms of Black American civilization. While we as Black Americans have been forcibly labored, and forcibly committed through the economic means of evolving White civilization, our own civilized existence continues to remain within ruins and not being supported to evolve. Black America’s conditional state-of-existence within these United States of America remains without self-containment, self-sustainment, and spiritually guided commitment for overall stability of Black civilization.

The Black empowering spiritual void of JamaicaMon

I had often wondered why JamaicaMon seemed a bit distant from me in public. With his knowledge of ideological views, I had sensed his rejection of me as a Revolutionary Black Nationalist. Then it finally struck me that JamaicaMon’s spiritual motivation was primarily committed to creating an imaginative world of lyrical music. His head (Mental Thinking) was shrouded into lyrical fantasies outside the realms of reality on politically empowering Black people. The greater spiritual commitment of JamaicaMon to the local empowerment of Black people, as he saw it, was actually committed toward supporting creation of that local Art Community Project. Then again, as you can witness for yourself, JamaicaMon isn’t the only Black person around here, who’ve committed their spiritual soul to constructing local White empowering projects. In fact, in their mind, any ideological representation of a local community project specifically serving to uplift Black America, is quickly looked-down-on as a negative connotation to the meaning of diversity.

Quite frankly, I have had to scratch my head by the perplexed nature that Black people are lulled by the overwhelming racist surroundings. On the one hand, I go around extending encouragement for Black people to better interact and socialize with one another for purposes of Black civility, but, on the other hand, Black people locally simply don’t want to get with that program. In fact, the Art Community Project has drawn a larger interest among Black people locally than my going around voicing the racist nature of things. The economic enrichment of White civilization to them doesn’t seem to be of a serious social concern. Certainly, I wouldn’t be wrong in that, “we’ve accrued a fairly large population of Black people in the United States who have chosen a life of mellow drama in the imaginative lyrical world of music.” They’re the ones proudly shouting, “my music is a voice to empowering freedom; sing along with me and let the lyrics perform their all-empowering acts.”

Come to me

Let me intellectually open your Black mind on the reality of this world and what you can expect in real empowering change. I’m after trying to attract Black people who will genuinely commit to evolving Black civilization of Nationhood among these United States of Americas. I extend that offer through a willing embracement with a number of other conceptualized views on Black Nationalism.

Because we have always been a Black people of a Nation within this nation known as the United States of America, and possessed with numerous ideological views on Black Nationalism, the critical need of uniting ourselves make it the more important at defeating a “common enemy.” Of course, there are some Black people out there who completely detest my ideological representation of Black Nationalism; therefore, I can only challenge them by offering a factual base of understanding through peace and loving dialogue. I ask that you come and challenge me on being wrong for what I represent as a Revolutionary Black Nationalist.

Black America, I ask that you commit your spirit, body, and mind to expansive Black Nationhood of the Americas at this very moment.

Ronald Nesbitt lives in Olympia and is a former Olympia police officer.


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