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If we worshiped water and air
Things like Ohio wouldn’t happen
Or Valdez, Chernobyl, Deepwater Horizon
There would be no DAPL to protest
I would not have to monitor air quality
Or toxic gas plumes
If we worshiped life
I bet you could swim in and drink the water
Almost anywhere
There would be plenty of food to spare
Growing here and there
I’m sure flowers would be abundant
Safe environmentally friendly housing
Would blossom too
Made from hemp and bamboo
We would have better schools
If we worshiped soil and mycelium
Learned how to build and share
I’m sure there would be enough goodness
Things like DDT, glyphosate, and vinyl chloride
Would not exist to spill
Birds could fly instead of being killed
We would not need these things
If we worshiped skies and seas
I’m sure we would have houses
And plenty to eat
I don’t know why we need phosgene
Probably to worship oil and money
Or to paint a war machine
I think if we worshiped water and air
It could fix everything
Simply worship
The right to breathe


Lennée Reid, a qbipoc poet, author, multimedia artist and healer is based in Olympia. Find them at


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