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Because silence enables tyranny

The title above is Scott’s terse answer to all those who still wonder why he’s refused to cop a plea and settle for lesser charges regarding the City of Olympia’s (and now, the State of Washington’s) bogus criminal case against him.

It’s probably true. Had Scott plead guilty to the initial flimsy charges, he could have avoided the weighty move to the Superior Court, which occurred when Sergeant Paul Johnson filed a claim that Scott had kicked him.  This claim, filed nearly a month after the arrest, increased the charges to include felony assault.  If Scott had agreed to lie about his guilt, chances were good the prosecutor would’ve settled with two minor misdemeanor charges (trespassing and obstruction of justice) for his heinous crimes of throwing napkins in a city-owned dumpster and attempting to communicate with the police via sign language.  In our opinion, this was an unacceptable option and Scott, who is mute due to a head-injury, fully agrees.

Last month there were two more hearings, hauling Yoos back into the Thurston County Courthouse for the long-awaited omnibus hearing.  The first proved to be a wash-out. The court failed to provide the pre-requested, court-certified sign language interpreter as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The hearing rescheduled, we were called back two weeks later.  This time, not surprisingly, the prosecutor was unwilling to back down on the state of Washington’s zealous efforts to paint Scott as a “violent felon.” At present, they’re still moving forward with this sure to be a showcase trial.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we were granted another continuance.  Now the trial will probably occur in late-September or October.  We’re unsure when the next pre-trial hearing will be scheduled.

For updates on this zany case, please check out the newly-created Scott Yoos Support page at and also the Scott Yoos LDF on Facebook.

Though Scott’s not crazy about the notion of sin, we’ll end with a pithy quote from Abe Lincoln:   To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.

As Scott would comment, ‘nuff said.


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