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And then this happened

#Unchecked executive power … is deadly

Federal officials have disclosed that they secretly shipped radioactive plutonium to Nevada in spite of the state’s vehement opposition

In a federal court filing on January 30, 2019, National Nuclear Security Administration General Counsel Bruce Diamond stated that the agency sent about half a metric ton of the substance sometime before November 2018, prior to Nevada suing over the proposed move. The transfer was done after a US  District Court in South Carolina ordered the material be removed from that state because the DOE and the National Nuclear Security Administration’s failed to meet a deadline to complete construction on a “repurposing” facility there.

Nevada’s Attorney General, Aaron Ford pointed out that Federal Judge Miranda Du had even said during a recent court hearing that she hoped the government was not shipping the plutonium while the case was pending in front of her.

“But they have already shipped this plutonium,” Ford said, describing the government’s actions as deceit and subterfuge. “And now they stand before the court saying that our motion for preliminary injunction no longer needs to be heard, that it is moot.”

—information from the Nevada Independent


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