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An open letter to MoveOn.Org

Must we vote for a mass-murdering fascist war criminal because the other one is worse?

by Dana Walker

Editor’s note:  On June 21, the national MoveOn.Org announced its seven million members had voted to endorse Barack Obama.

It has been very sad to discover that leftys are just as willing to blindly follow the leader over the cliff as the Bush-Bots ever were.  Obama is mass murdering women and children with unmanned drones—a war crime—and he has claimed authority to incarcerate and even execute people without a trial — the very definition of a police state; yet organizations such as MoveOn.Org advocate voting for a mass-murdering fascist war criminal because the other fascist is even worse?
What is wrong with this picture?
One reason that Goldman $achs installed Obama in the White House was because they knew that his election would effectively shut the liberals up and it has done just that.  The Anti-War Movement simply evaporated with Obama’s coronation.  There was barely a peep from the left when Obama vastly increased military spending whilst freezing or slashing funding for everything else.  Yes, the Democrats are better on some of the social issues that Wall Street doesn’t care about.  Yes, when pressured the Democrats will reluctantly vote the right way on environmental issues.  However, on all of the truly big issues—from the economy to secret police state tactics to the War Machine Prison Industrial Complex to immunity from prosecution for Wall Street criminals to immunity from prosecution for war criminals—but lengthy prison sentences for the whistle-blowers who tell us about it—on all of these issues Obama is just as bad as Bush ever was and on some of them he is far worse; even Bush never advocated murdering American citizens without a trial.
Can MoveOn.Org or anyone else please explain to me how all of this is in any way any different than when Republicans do it?  Can MoveOn.Org or anyone else please explain to me why the very same people who screamed the loudest over Bush’s perfidy now refuse to condemn Obama’s even though his is even worse?  Rather than sitting in prison cells for the largest criminal fraud in human history the Wall Street perpetrators are instead running his White House.  To this day they continue reaping record profits while the rest of us continue paying for their crimes.  Even Reagan prosecuted hundreds of banksters after the S&L debacle; the only one that Obama has prosecuted was the whistle-blower in the UBS scandal.  Get it?  One guy went to prison for exposing a massive tax-fraud whilst the people who actually committed the fraud not only were not prosecuted but their identities have been kept secret; we aren’t even allowed to know who they are.
That is Obama’s White House.
Under Obama, fully armed Tea Partiers are free to rally without hindrance whilst the non-violent and unarmed Occupy Movement is brutally suppressed.  Under Obama the richest corporations in the world continue to pay no federal income tax even as our schools are gutted and as poor families and the disabled are thrown out onto the streets.  Obama mouths platitudes about defending freedom whilst providing $30 billion in weapons to the brutal dictatorship in Saudi Arabia.  Obama demonizes people like Kaddafi and Castro whilst ignoring Bahrain as it mass-murders protestors and Uzbekistan as they slowly lower dissidents into vats of boiling water.  Obama even emulated his self-proclaimed role model Ronald Reagan by secretly backing right-wing military coups that overthrew democratically elected governments in both Honduras and the Maldives.  Then for the icing—again emulating Reagan—he lied to us about it.
Is MoveOn.Org advocating that we do get fooled again?  Can MoveOn.Org or anyone else please explain to me how any of this is in any way even remotely acceptable?  Do you seriously contend that mass-murdering women and children with unmanned drones is ethical as long as a Democrat is doing it?  Really?  You can find it in any way acceptable that Obama says it is legal to imprison and even execute people without trial?  Are you kidding?  Do you really contend that prosecuting more whistle-blowers than the combined total of all the other presidents in the entire history of the United States can be justified?  Do you really feel that granting immunity to the telecoms for illegally spying on us is only scary when Republicans do it?  Is promoting nuclear energy and ‘clean coal’ cool with you?  How about launching a war with Libya without congressional approval?  (Oh how all of you howled when Bush did that!)  Does MoveOn.Org really contend that continuing the rendition program extending the Patriot Act trashing the Constitution criminalizing dissent and on and on is acceptable as long as a Democrat is doing it?  Are you chill with the fact that the only people going to jail are the whistle-blowers and the protesters?
No.  None of this is acceptable in any manner whatsoever no matter who is doing it.  Obama works for them.  He does not work for us.  If MoveOn.Org wants to continue supporting fascist war criminals that are conducting business-as-usual then as far as I am concerned you are agents of the Machine.  Please stop pretending you represent the 99%.
Please stop pretending that you are on my side.

Dana Walker spent 28 years traveling all over North America, 6 years in a federal prison (ostensibly for marijuana; in actuality for refusing to sell his friends to the feds), and 3 1/2 years in Olympia hurling verbal barrages of sarcasm at the Machine.  He is currently a Real Change vendor and a caretaker at Media Island.  He is also the author of numerous novels and a radical bi-weekly political newsletter.

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