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About our senseless, corrupt, warmongoring government…A letter to federal officials, elected and appointed

Dear President Obama, Congressional Representatives, Supreme Court Justices, and heads of selected U.S. agencies including IRS, EPA, FDA:

I  write this message from a place of peace and love within myself.   I am simply asking a question.  I would like your response within 30 days.

I am finding myself, a living person residing in the continent called the United States of America, witnessing the whole sale corruption of  the federal government it appears to have ‘fallen’ into deep abyss of ‘moral collapse’.   The government, itself merely  a fictional structure,  the fictional structure called the Federal Reserve banking system structure put in place in 1913 by the U.S. Congress at that time, and the federal agencies, also fictional structures IRS, EPA and FDA etc., clearly, in my humble viewpoint, are not representing the will of the Sovereigns,  the people of this country.

The following ‘crimes’ against the citizens by its supposedly ‘representative government’ appear heinous to me:

1) Attack of sovereign countries like Iraq and Afghanistan…neither of which attacked us.    Also, attack by our drones in Pakistan and other countries.

2) The use of our young men and women in the military to attack sovereign countries causing their deaths, injuries and mental anguish (suicides).

3) Giving 6 trillion bail out monies to 14 banks, mostly owned by foreigners–our tax money!  (This happened even though  “letters to Congress were a thousand-to-one stating not to bail out the banks!” as stated by Sen.Barbara Boxer on national television.)  Again, no representation!

4) The continuance of a privately owned agency, the Federal Reserve, with its grand scam of ‘creating’ wealth for a few bankers and their corporations by our direct funding to them and their using their position of control of the money system to ‘manipulate’ the money supply for their personal benefit.   Obviously, I cannot support any President, Congressman or Supreme Court judge who does not actively fight to end the fed!

5) On Febuary 10, 2014, [the US Department of Energy approved] 8.6 billion [in federal loans] for a nuclear plant in Georgia! This ‘act’ is against all sensibilities with the knowledge of the severe results of radiation from the lessons learned at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, which, by the way, is still ‘melting down’ with 400,000 gals of radiated water being released daily into the Pacific! EPA is not even testing our air, water or fish for radiation!  Nor our radiation dump sites!

6)  Our ‘rights’ as citizens are obviously gone.  For example: NSA is spying on all of us: our communications, sensors in our phones, TVs, licenses etc. Now anyone can be detained  indefinitely or targeted for assasination without due process [as allowed by Congress and Presidential Order].   We have no Bill of Rights any longer!

7) Congress voting huge tax payer money subsidies to fossil fuel corporations, the wealthiest companies in the world, while ‘cutting’ food stamps to our poor. Shameful!  These measures were done by bi-partisan action.There is no ‘lesser evil’ anymore…it is all ‘evil’ with very little exceptions.  Apparently, most of our Congress is bought by the bankers and their corporations!

My question to you all: Why should I pay any taxes to such a government?

If you dare to say ”because we ‘protect’ you.” My response would be because of our military intervention in other countries and our killing of so many civilians  we are hated  worldwide.   And our military actions have brought many to join the Taliban and other extremist groups to fight against us. This,  of course,  is welcomed by the military/industrial complex which Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us about.

Sincerely,   Mary Hath Spokane

Mary Hath Spokane is the author of the United Peace Pledge and can be reached at


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