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A movement needs electoral allies

Renowned sociologist Francis Fox Piven shared a somber analysis with The Guardian on Nov. 25, 2022:

“I don’t think the fight over elemental democracy is over, by any means. The United States was well on the road to becoming a fascist country—and it still can become a fascist country.”

Large-scale progress has never been made in the United States without the kind of trouble and disruption that a movement can cause by encouraging large numbers of people to refuse to cooperate. But movements need the protection of electoral allies —they need legislative chaperoning.”

That dual model applies to today’s struggle to confront global heating. “I do think that the only way to live is to live in politics. To me, it’s an almost life-transforming experience—to be part of the local struggle. Even a dangerous struggle. You make friends that never go away. You see people in their nobility, and you find your own nobility as well. I would not trade my life for anything.”

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