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Posts published in “Issue: March 2021

The county’s two biggest healthcare employers compromise worker health and safety

Providence slashes tech unit workers’ sick leave benefit Providence Health System, one of the country’s richest hospital chains, has eliminated sick leave for workers in its nine tech units at St. Peter Hospital. To protect this and other benefits, the technicians have unionized and are represented by UFCW 21. They…

About This Issue — March 2021 — Thinking about the theme

This month’s theme is what’s been revealed by the pandemic. If you’ve ever been played in a shell game, you know things move very fast. You think you know where the hidden object will be when the shells stop moving, but you almost never do. Sometimes, there’s nothing under any of the shells...

Then this happened… March 2021

They should have had Olympia SWAT at the Capitol … More homeless in the making … Cancel culture comes in handy!

Readers’ Alert!

WIP has received a grant to print book reviews in 2021. How will it work?  Each month we’ll publish a list of books (listed below). If you’d like to be considered to review one of them, contact us at and put BOOK REVIEW in the subject line. We will…

Affordable treatments for COVID-19 you don’t know about (but should)

Now that the campaign to vaccinate the planet for COVID-19 is well underway, news of effective, affordable treatments—and deterrents—is finally coming to light. Studies on ivermectin, colchecine and hydroxychloroquine, published in the US, Spain, India, Iran, Egypt, Argentina and elsewhere indicate that these drugs, used prophylactically and in early and…

West Bay Yards: the elephant in the election

In Olympia’s City Manager system, Council members exercise little direct control over decisions that shape the City and its neighborhoods. The Council delegates land turnover decisions to the City staff. The Council states they can’t interfere in the planning process. They send citizens to the Hearing Examiner who reinforces staff decisions.…

Community support for an encampment

On January 17, the Olympia community came together to clean up a tent encampment adjacent to Marathon Park by Capitol Lake. The camp had been devastated by a recent storm that left belongings and trash scattered all around. Leaders of several activist groups jumped in to help support the folks living in the encampment....

Calling all changemakers

The Community Sustaining Fund (CSF) provides grants to support progressive, community-oriented projects across Thurston County. Their goal is to empower individuals and organizations that advance social justice, environmental health, and community activism. For over 30 years, the CSF grants have supported local innovation and creative collaboration potential....

An Anti-Right front?

Trump is out and Biden is in. Where do we go from here, in combating the cancer of Trumpism and working to transform our society in a socialist direction?


Growing up with tales of the American Dream pouring out of books, TV, and radio so steadily that the psyches of many young Americans are imbued with the belief that if you worked hard, you would grow-up to be a successful adult—owning a home and having a spouse, 2.5 children, and a dog—or a close variation.

Positive policing bills in the state legislature

The OlyDSA DefundOPD committee has been researching and organizing around cutting the police budget, reinvesting in community and increasing accountability. They reviewed 19 bills related to policing in the legislative session, and identified this annotated list of bills to support.

Our unemployment insurance system’s failings are by design

Our unemployment insurance system has failed the country at a moment of great need. With tens of millions of workers struggling just to pay rent and buy food, Congress is now forced to consider a third emergency spending bill, providing stimulus payments, special weekly unemployment insurance, and temporary unemployment benefits…

Community Spotlight — March 2021

Safe Rides Community Survey • New Overnight Winter Shelter • Olympia Indivisible • “Women rise up globally • The Estuarium • Thurston Conservation District election • Olympia Seafood: The F/V Terry F • Nominations open for Evan Ferber Peacemaker Leadership Award • Defund OPD