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Worth re-tweeting

On June 17, 2019 (as though she knew it was the WIP  theme for July) Caitlin Johnston @caitoz tweeted:

“Rugged individualism will not save humanity from the crises it faces. We only win this thing as a collective. The trouble is that malignant manipulators hijack our healthy impulse to move as a collective and get us collaborating against our own interests. They’re the problem.”

Some of the (printable) responses:

In harsh times or frontier conditions, communicators and collectivists survive while rugged individualists die off.

Yes! Rugged individualism is a darned lie. We are all interdependent from birth. If someone doesn’t teach us we die. And the wealthy who live in houses they didn’t build, eat food others grew and use tech they don’t understand are as far from rugged individualism as can be.

People see collectivism as a legacy idea. In fact it is the next stage of evolution. The world is now too small for individualism and anyone who persists with that idea is a fool. The damaged adolescent mind can’t grasp that within collectivism there is still uniqueness.

Rugged individualism is the only thing that can bring down the biggest and most perverse form of collectivism there is: the all-pervasive American surveillance/security state. You’re one of those rugged individuals who speaks the truth and thus has an outsized influence.

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” – Marshall McLuhan

When the time comes to topple the power structure it will look nothing like a Twitter thread. There will be destruction, much blood, and much death. My guess is most folks here will be shaking in a closet with poopy drawers.


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