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What’s wrong with the “Missing Middle”

The March 2019 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” series explains a scheme proposed by real estate developers and investors that will seriously hurt the Olympia area unless we stop it now.

Two guests—Judy Bardin and Jim Keogh—explain the so-called “Missing Middle” scheme (scam?) to vastly increase zoning and bigger buildings that would disrupt neighborhoods and our community in many ways. Judy and Jim share their knowledge and insights so the public can have the information and determination to prevent the City of Olympia from hurting us.

Olympia is one of many communities throughout the West Coast and beyond where the “Missing Middle” scheme is being imposed. It fails to deliver what it promises.

It does NOT make housing more affordable. It increases density at the expense of disrupting stable neighborhoods. It pretends to have no environmental impacts, but it destroys green space and views. It makes neighborhood parking more congested. The list goes on.

Olympia and local governments elsewhere are “greasing the skids” to implement “Missing Middle” without adequate environmental review or public participation. Transparency is denied. Normal procedures for making zoning decisions are ignored.

Although most people ignore these issues, the “Missing Middle” is such a threat to our community that ordinary people do need to pay attention, get the information and vigorously make the City of Olympia protect our neighborhoods and our community overall.

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