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Poem: Why Am I Voting For Trump

Is it because I’m an idiot?
(See previous poem entitled “I’m An Idiot)
Key word: entitled (sic?)
Or is it that I’m a racist, sexist, bigot?
No, were life so simple…
I’m afraid the dimple that belies my smirk
Does not suggest I am a crazy jerk
But that I’m lazy and refuse to do the work
I’m the opposite of an activist
Hell, I can barely raise my fist
I’m a lousy poet but an honest artist
And a depressed one at that
So not only am I ignoring the problem
I am hastening its festering, its progress
Toward the inevitable conclusion:
Trump’s version of Fascism
What symbol will he utilize to match or surpass the swastika?
I am “simply” obeying the Holocaust call
The urge to drag down as many with me as I can
Since I was already sinking anyway
I support Trump because I don’t care about tomorrow
Let alone today
I can only hope my lack of action leads to the
Fall of my fellow man
Only then will I be able to say I’m proud to be an American
Who says a bad poet has no power?
Hey, Saudi Arabia, two words: Trump Tower
If this is to be the “new boss”, I look forward to being fired
For being such a lazy apprentice I sat on my ire

by broKEN

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