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We all need to be sacredly cocooned

This bold simple statement is a culmination, a distillation of a year-long prayerful sabbatical following the dissolution of Bread & Roses of Olympia, a nonprofit I’d been affiliated with for almost eighteen years.

During my tenure as a ‘24/7’ advocate/friend of poor and marginalized in our community, I was gifted in a bazillion ways by experiencing and witnessing the incredible sharing of unconditional love by the very individuals who find themselves ostracized, socially despised and criminalized.

Fundamentally, to be sacredly cocooned means that I consciously remember that I am Divinely Loved. The Beloved of the Old Testament ‘has called us each by name’. Regardless of circumstances, each and every one of us is Divinely Loved. We are each sacredly cocooned.

It is my opinion that those who are street dependent and woods-dwellers lack virtually all aspects of living sacredly cocooned. These individuals include:

  • elders and those who are physically/mentally/emotionally disempowered
  • the increasingly challenging youth population exhibiting more unpredictable and potentially dangerous behaviors
  • those in the throes of addictions and attendant mental impairment
  • all who live out of traumatization in its myriad debilitating expressions

I further believe that sacred cocooning is our shared responsibility. Albert Einstein brilliantly stated: “The solution cannot be found in the same consciousness as the problem.”

So I vision ‘appropriate and specialized therapeutic communities’ as a requisite ‘24/7’ comprehensive and compassionate genre of new—pragmatic—ideas—transformed—into—concrete—solutions in meeting the complex needs of our brothers and sisters who cannot navigate their daily lives without a loving informed community.

I could state that Thurston County is dealing with a public health crisis. Our Thurston County Board of Health (Thurston Board of Commissioners) has issued such a declaration and a resolution to mitigate the crisis. We need to ensure the Board of Health follows its words with meaningful resolve and pragmatic timely solution.

More significantly, we are in a spiritual crisis. Therefore, let us together, lovingly and passionately raise our consciousness into a “new place— new neighborhood” where pragmatic solutions can be discovered/implemented and that indeed, we all as neighbors experience the remembering of being beloved of the Divine and sacredly cocooned.

Twins on the Journey of Remembering

An Invocation

Be still.


When we are in our Sacred Cocoon

in our Sacred Cauldron

we are in Christ Consciousness

in the Ground-of-our-Being

in the Still Point/ Nous.

We are one.

We are ‘uni’ [universal].


A benediction

Joy is!

My heart’s call bursts forth emanating ~~~

cosmic surging bursts forth ~~~ Power.

Universal LOVE flows,

manifesting sacred ~ safe ~ cocooning.

A planetary panacea.


Healing societal trauma and addictions.

We are one! ‘Uni’ [Universal]



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