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Watching the Watchers trivia game

Q. What is a surveillance state?

A. A surveillance state is a country where the government and private institutions engage in pervasive surveillance of large numbers of its citizens and visitors.

Q. Name the five Most Spied Upon Cities in the world.

A. New York and Chicago are among the five Most Spied Upon Cities in the world. The other three are London (UK), Beijing, and Chongqing (China)

Q. How many times in one day is a Londoner, on average, captured on a camera?

A. 300.

Q. How many agencies in the US use drones?

A. According to Dronefly, a company that provide surveillance equipment to the police, there are 347 US agencies using drones. This represents a 518% growth in drone use over the last 24 months.

Q. Name three of the Most Powerful Private Security and Intelligence companies in the world.

A. G4S (UK), Securitas AB (Sweden), ADT (USA), ALLIEDBARTON (USA), DYNCORP (USA), GARDAWORLD (Canada), Control Risks (UK), BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON (USA), CACI International (USA), The Brinks Company (USA).

Q. Which countries have spy satellites?

A. U.S.A., Russia, France, Japan, China, UK, India, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, and North Korea.

Q. What is the number of operating spy/surveillance/ satellites (includes launches till 8/31/17)?

A. Total number of operating satellites: 1,738. USA (803), China (204), Other (589)

Q. How do you reduce your exposure on Facebook?

A: 1. limit the amounts of photos you post; 2. limit your comments; 3. limit use of Facebook Chat; 4. limit posts and status updates; 5. make Facebook friends wisely.


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