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THE STORY OF MY LIFE © R.W. Walker 2008

I was born in Kentucky on a dark and stormy night
My daddy bit the cord in half and I commenced to fight
And when I learned to understand, my Mama, she would say
Just you be a good boy, son, and life will be o.k.

Then I passed twelve grades at the consolidated school
Which is where I met ol’ Joanie, my Barren County jewel
I served in the Air Force, then came directly back
And we took accommodations in a yellow shotgun shack

I swung a framing hammer for well nigh thirty years
Each day we’d roll the cords up, then we’d drink us several beers
When I walked in the kitchen, Joan would fry me up a steak
And Joanie, when the lights went out, was icing on my cake

On weekends I would hunt or fish, I’d take along ol’ Dan
Seems I’d get back to discover June had added to the clan
And with each new arrival I’d tack on some extra space
You never lack for doin’ with six kids around the place

One frosty mornin’ I slipped off a second story deck
I landed ‘cross a footin’, it like to broke my neck
And some #7 rebar sorta grazed my brain
I got hooked on Oxycontin and it weren’t just for the pain

So now we’re on the county / mortal short of cash
Some nice folks show us charity and others call us trash
There’s nothin’ much that I can do but sit and watch the kids
And every single one of them does just what we did

Now some say life’s a blessing and some say life’s a load
And some think our redemption is broke down on some back road
‘Though I got no college learning I can point you out the way
Y’all just mind your mamas good and life will be o.k.
You’ll see
Life will be o.k.

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