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That I Am

I am a student of prophets

But I am not a Christian or a Jew

I pray to the east

But not for Islam

I begin meditation with a singing bowl and mala

Yet I am not Buddhist

My address is an apartment

Yet my soul live in a longhouse

Yearning for the comfort of a sanctuary

My cauldron is enormous

Yet I’m not a Pagan or Wiccan

I see with my third eye

But I’m not a Hindu

I breathe in and out pranayama yoga

Though I’ve never read the Vedas

As I fold my laundry I sing songs

Born in the hearts of slaves deep in the past

Yet my soul is free

I listen in silence

Yet hear everything at once

And to all this I am thankful

That I am at one in Harmony


Lennée Reid is a truth seeker, nature lover, poet and spoken word artist. She has one child and lives in Olympia.


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