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Strengthen and build immunity to give your body a fighting chance

Sheltering in place, washing hands often, not touching the face and using a mask when encountering outsiders are all good ways to “flatten the curve” and stop the spread of N-Covid-19. But don’t stop there—consider the advice of nutritionists, naturopaths and medical doctors who recommend additional ways to boost your immunity. Your local natural health store can help you find products.

Vitamin C. Small amounts (roughly a teaspoon) of liposomal vitamin C, taken orally every few hours to bowel tolerance, is one of the most effective ways to treat viral infection, short of intravenous application. If bowels become loose, lessen the dosage.

Mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms in supplement form, from turkey tail to chaga, reishi cordyceps and lion’s mane, have been found variously to support immune health by reducing stress, lessening inflammation, and even enhancing natural killer (NK) microphages in white blood cells that fight tumor production.

Iodine. Atomic, or nascent, iodine is being rediscovered not just for thyroid disorders but for protecting the body, to some degree, from the immune-suppressing effects of radiation. If that seems unrelated to the current pandemic, think again: everything that weakens immunity should be avoided, including alcohol, sugar, marijuana, tobacco, stress, caffeine and over-exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.

Externals. Silver in its hydrosol form (suspended in water) has also been shown to fight viral infections, as does oil of oregano when mixed with a carrier oil and applied nightly to the tops and soles of the feet. Wear thick wool or cotton socks after applying the oil until it has been absorbed.

Stay calm. Deep breathing, sound sleep, rhythmic movement, eating fresh, organically grown food, and regularly practicing meditation and prayer are also outstanding ways to reduce stress and give our bodies a chance to heal. Above all, avoid panic and fear, which also compromise immunity.

Lori Lively is former Education Director at Marlene’s Natural Food stores in Tacoma and Federal Way. For more information about non-pharmaceutical methods to boost immunity and fight viral infections, go to Joseph Mercola, MD and Thomas Cowan, MD.

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