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Shady Bitch

 I’ve been called a nigger in the summer Then beaner until late fall But winter til mid spring No one guesses wtf I am at all!

Cause I’m a shady bitch Shapeshifting witch I am rainbow colored inside and out People always try to figure me out

They ask if I’m Hawaiian Middle Eastern Mexican part Korean or a quarter Jew (Nice hair)

I say no I’m not but thanks a lot I really enjoy their food

Only In the shade though, cause I’m a bitch (Bitch) A shade privileged bitch I am rainbow colored inside and out Don’t even try to figure me out

Cause I’m black I’m white I’m native I might just be a smidge or two of something else (Who knows) But one things for sure my heart is pure I’m just trying to be myself

But then I get called a nigger in the summer And beaner through late fall But I never get called a wetback Because I’m too light eloquent and tall

Oh Yes I said it! Winter through spring Don’t you forget it I could pass for half anything!

I’m so shady Shapeshifting and rainbow colored I could be anybody’s   Half sister cousin or mother

But I keep my ass out of the sun To minimize my exposure to racism

Ain’t that some shit?

I said ain’t that some shit?

I am such a shady

Yeah I’m such a shady bitch

Lennée Reid is a truth seeker, nature lover, poet and spoken word artist. She has one child and lives in Olympia. She can also be found on YouTube.


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