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Scott Yoos’ trial “nupdate”

MOST REGRETTABLY, as this issue goes to Press, there is (again) NO new noteworthy (nor very sexy) ‘NEWS’ to report, regarding the spellbinding case of “the State of Washington vs. Scott Andrew Yoos”!

Scott is remains a harmless WIPworker, who assists in the editing and distribution of this most noteworthy newspaper.

Tragically, he is STILL currently facing several (bogus) criminal charges: “Criminal Trespass”, “Obstructing Justice” (which was later changed to “Resisting Arrest”), and (some 26-days later), the Oly. P.D. upped-their-ante by adding a “Felony”-assault charge.

Yoos stubbornly clings to his claims of innocence, insisting: “IF I can be jumped, brutally-arrested, & detained by 4 over-zealous policemen, for my horrendous “crime” of throwing some damp napkins into an open Dumpster at night, and then attempting to communicate with the cops via Sign Language… then, we’re (clearly) no longer living in a ‘Free’ state!”

His latest Hearing was held on December 19, at the Thurston County Courthouse.  That afternoon, Judge Christine Pomeroy (retired, pro tem), heard the introductory arguments in Attorney Larry Hildes’ very solid “Motion to Dismiss”proposal.  This Motion Hearing ran all afternoon, and has been continued thru till the NEXT Hearing, which is allegedly scheduled to occur “sometime in February”, (presumedly 2013?!?)

On-line, Scott’s friends & supporters are heartily encouraged to doggedly follow the exciting blog site, (and/or “Scott Yoos Ldf” on Facebook), for all the latest news & updates in this excruciatingly long struggle to recognize Civil/Disability RIGHTS!
…The scheduled date(s) of the NEXT Court Hearing(s) will be promptly posted here, (-once the State decides it!)

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