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Replace simplistic “national security” with true security

Glen Anderson is proposing a “wise alternative” to the status quo.  In the above table he sets out the basic distinctions between TRUE security (in the middle column) and the status quo assumptions about “national security” (in the column on the right).

The first row in the table identifies the current VISION – and a better vision.  Instead of trying to dominate other countries, we would be more secure by cooperating fairly with them. The next row contrasts our current GOALS with smarter GOALS that would lead to TRUE Security. The next row shows the current METHODS (in the middle column) and the next column’s smarter, more compassionate, more effective METHODS for TRUE Security.  Likewise, see the next row’s huge contrast between current MOTIVATIONS and better ones.

The two models produce different RESULTS.  Our current “national security” policies result in global chaos, while a TRUE Security system would result in global community.

Since the late 1960s Glen Anderson has worked for such goals as making peace with Vietnam, eliminating nuclear weapons, converting from a military economy to a peacetime economy, abolishing the death penalty, promoting nonviolence at all levels throughout society, and helping people organize and strategize for grassroots movements to solve problems.  He hosts Glen’s Parallax Perspectives, a one-hour cable TV interview program and blog. Reach him at (360) 491-9093

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