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Regret the path taken, but will be glad to leave it all behind

Regret the path taken, but will be glad to leave it all behind

Scott Yoos

Dissent without resistance

is meaningless,

and therefore culpable.

Whether we are one

or many, we must

refuse to purchase freedom

at the cost

of our most cherished convictions.

                                —M.K. Gandhi

I am writing this absurdly-abbreviated piece not to serve as yet another, tired “explanation” of the Hell-ride which the past twenty-six + months has been for me; but rather, by way of an “apology”, of sorts, to my dear friends and supporters.  Ignoring this sage advice from Mahatma Gandhi, and my own inner-voice, and that of a small, stubborn handful of righteous comrades,

I (reluctantly) allowed my well-intentioned Attorney to accept a “plea bargain” on my behalf; (…an agreement which has, sadly, proven to be far more “plea” than “bargain”!)   Feeling wrung-out and exhausted by this entire, lengthy charade, I finally buckled, and agreed to accept an offer from the County Persecutor, contingent upon the understanding that I would be able to file an “Alford Plea.”  This permits the Defendant (that’s me!) to contest the validity of an entirely bogus “guilty” decision, but, to do so with the pathetic recognition that ‘the deck is stacked against me’, and that my chances of finding true justice in this courtroom are miniscule.  (Juries strongly tend to believe uniformed officers, rather than their mute victims.)

This Alford Plea was a beaten concession; acknowledging that (without supporting Witnesses), fear and force are likely to win the upper-hand.  Most-regrettably, my 20+ hearings-long legal marathon has made me feel much more cynical about our “justice system.”

And about the O.P.F., (I no longer refer them as “Olympia Police Department”.  I now know them, much more-accurately, as the “Olympia Police Force”).  Yeah, I do regret that I eventually conceded to “accept” their lies.  (I did so under enormous pressure from my attorney, my family, and other concerned friends.)  It has accurately been said that ‘the Alford is that “spoonful of sugar” necessary to swallow one’s own pride, and the lies of the state.’  Alas, I now understand that today’s judicial system is largely about defending the aggressors, and rewarding the oppressors.  Kind-worded and generous supporters have described the final settlement of my case as “bittersweet”; …indeed.

Again, thank you all for your continued support and interest in this major-league mal-o-drama!

It will be very good to have this all behind me.


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