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Post 9/11 veterans join together to dial up pressure

In this moment of heightened political tension, fear, uncertainty, and mass protest, it is important to get our bearings through the work of leaders and organizations who have been in the struggle to end poverty, militarism, racism, and ecological devastation for many years. They will still be in the struggle long after the Trump administration has ended (though, for the good of our communities and the world, we do hope that time will come sooner rather than later). About Face (AF) is an organization of veterans that reflects that understanding.

About Face: Veterans Against War sent a contingent of veterans and faith leaders to Senator John McCain’s Congressional office with the request to meet him and demand that he vote NO on the confirmation of Rex Tillerson for Trump’s Secretary of State. After hours of waiting and testifying, most of the About Face members were arrested by DC police (they have since been released).

AF saw this action as an opportunity to draw a line in the sand and let Congress members know post 9/11 veterans won’t sit by idly as decisions are made that will devastate our country and our planet for generations to come.

AF is ready to take the fight to their doors, offices, and the halls of power. AF is persevering this year with a renewed commitment to push back on decision-makers in and outside of Congress and to provide the training to our veteran community to enable them to take the risks that are needed to raise awareness and dial up pressure through actions that are aligned with our experiences and moral code.

If you are a post 9/11 veteran, regardless of deployment or discharge, please visit  to sign up to meet like minded veterans today. You are not alone.

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