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To be poor or to be wealthy in Trump’s America. A very short explanation in a few words

If you are poor: Ain’t Nobody Going to Pay Your Way!

If You Are Rich: Congress Will Give You $ 1.9 Trillion Tax Break!

The Largest increase in income inequality in American History.

Ain’t Nobody (A Song by Dorie Friedman)

Well the boss man said you better get up coal

Way down in the belly of the earth below

Get it up quick and get it up strong

‘Cause the walls of the mine don’t hold that long

Chorus: I said I work all night, I work all day

Well, I work all night, I work all day

Said I work all night, I work all day

‘Cause ain’t nobody gonna pave my way

Well, a young little mama she stands at home

With a big fat baby on her old hip bone

Four little youngins just a-running around

And their daddy’s laying six feet underground

Well, the warden said you better pick up speed

You better break those rocks ‘til your knuckles bleed

Swing that pick, bend your knees

You got twenty-nine years ‘til your chains are free

Well, a young little mama, she’s walking home

From a twelve hour day at the factory dome

Hands in her pocket and a knife in one

‘Cause every catcaller’s trying to have his fun

Well the farmer said you better get up hay

You better break your back and earn your pay

Two cold dollars in my empty hand

And five in the pocket of the white young man

Ain’t nobody, ain’t nobody, ain’t nobody

Gonna pave my way

Ain’t nobody, ain’t nobody, ain’t nobody

Gonna pave my way

Now the Voice of Congress

Congress voted a budget measure this month that will accelerate income inequality exponentially across the nation.

In this new budget, Congress will provide $1.9 trillion in tax breaks for the top 1 percent of the population, mostly mega-millionaires and corporations. How will they pay for this? Cutting $1 trillion from Medicaid, for starters.

All this in a country where individuals in the top 1% earn an average of $ 1.3 million a year while people in the bottom 50% earn the same average pre-tax income as in 1980, which is $16,000. 

Even more instructive: eight hyper-rich Americans today own as much as the entire bottom half of the nation’s households (from James C. Scott writing in the current issue of the London Review of Books).

Final Words

Was Joseph De Maistre right when he observed that every country gets the type of government it deserves?  Or is it time to bring to an end the shameless accumulation of wealth by the elites?


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