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Meditation by Unacquainted Lives

I’ve been alive for a long time. I survived the rain, ice, floods, wind. I found a home here in Thurston County as the glaciers receded. Under the prairies. Over the meadows. I swam the vast marshes with beaver dams. As those habitat creations evolved to airports and farms, I ‘made it through’ on mowed fields and overgrown agricultural meadows. I once saw the blue sky, blue water and meadows. I still do. I also see and smell your airplanes, cars, livestock, people. Please leave some meadows for us.  They are ‘good’.

Written on behalf of Mazama pocket gophers, frogs, streaked horned larks and vesper sparrows

Bonnie Blessing, ecologist, educator and expert on the Oregon spotted frog. She hopes the habitats of these rarely seen organisms are there for our great grandchildren.

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