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Letters to WIP | Help halt the erosion of truth in our political culture

Dear WIP,

The October issue of WIP carried an introduction to the ProTruth Pledge. The pledge is designed by social scientists to encourage truth in politics. In the political arena today, people seem to have little incentive to tell the truth. In fact, the two local candidates who had signed the Pro-Truth Pledge both lost their bids in the recent election.

Public figures who hold the truth in high regard will nearly always do their best to uphold the principles in the Pro-Truth Pledge. If it can be demonstrated that a pledge-taker is not honoring the truth they will be removed from the Pro-Truth Pledge listing. This public removal will need to be accompanied by an explanation of how this public figure has erred. A politician who wishes to honor the truth will do their best to not let it come to that.

It is best not to take my word for it. I encourage everyone to go to the actual site: and see what this movement is all about. The organizers are doing their best to spread the word across the country and the world. What is needed for this to happen is more and more ordinary citizens to climb onboard.

Already nearly three thousand people worldwide have taken the pledge and the number is growing rapidly. The Pro-Truth Pledge can be found on Facebook as well as the Washington Pro-Truth Advocates. The Pro-Truth Pledge even recently produced its first newsletter. People who wish to encourage truth, share truth, and honor truth should want to look at the pledge for themselves. The Pro-Truth Pledge is for everyone.

Russ Frizzell

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