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Letters to Works in Progress

Regarding Terran Zander’s “No Place Like Home”

I enjoyed your publication for its comments even there seemingly were elements of strong bias. Zander’s article dwelt on what he writes as “hate”. Perhaps he should take more courses on American history. For example, what he writes about the Japanese is largely displaying his ignorance on what really did occur. Does he not realize that:

  • it was the Imperial Japanese War Lords who planned the attack on United States at Pearl Harbor?
  • the relocation camps were a protection strategy for our citizen Japanese and our citizens?
  • the Japanese military had so brainwashed their soldiers that to be taken prisoner was not an option which resulted in many suicides by deliberately throwing themselves into direct U.S. fire power?
  • invading Japan may well have caused more deaths than the atomic bombs?

Ken Nordlund, Lacey


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