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Letter to WIP | Those we elect have given too much power to the police

As I venture back from the bad lands of the prison system a fortunate survivor of police brutality, and hostage of a tyrannical judicial system, I dream of an American with less state and federal laws that govern the lives and social conduct of the American peoples. As the thin blue line is used against the  American people, we are free no longer, our freedoms seized at gun point with Maced faces for having gathered in dissent of our government’s growing totalitarianism.

Those we elect have given far to much power to the police to enforce the most ridiculous laws against us. The sixth amendment grants a lawyer offers a guise of freedom, but the judges have allowed the prosecution of a defendant to turn into a circus of prosecutorial misconduct surrounded by the lies of injustice. Surely Liberty is forgotten in the courts as she is no longer mentioned by those whose interest is Justice. These two ladies no longer share in name or consideration in a judicial system that spends more money on the prosecution of the poor than it does defending them at trial.The point being that if the government spends an overbearing amount of time and money to persecute a person then that same system of the people needs to ensure that those with public defenders get the same money to allow for their defense.

The justice system by not providing equity at the first level of the judicial system have handed out whips and cat tails that slave masters in the thin blue line use to beat a free people. Every authority given to police should be debated vigorously as an injustice against the founding contracts of our nation. Police used as a armed utility to enforce laws looks dangerously like a armed military designed to assert authority over the American people. The third amendment was not inclusive enough about not quartering armed members of the government in communes as it only covered not allowing the government’s army to live in my house. Police are entrenched in our community like foreign occupiers in a land overtaken by war. This kind of enforcement of papyrus allows for persons in power to make choices that are biased towards dictatorship. You will not cross the street illegally because authorities have guns. Would you also cut my hand off for eating the cabbage I stole? If the constitution doesn’t cover regulating police in a police state then the police are unregulated and we are not a democracy we are a police state. If you keep watching tv and never leave your home then you won’t get maced. Social control is the worst thing taught in a democratic society like the United States. Why don’t they teach that the constitution as the document that confers authority and violating the law makes null and void a dictator’s authority. So Habeas Corpus? If you do not respect the construction of your Authority — you have none.

[signed] John Chacon. Mr. Chacon spent the last year of his life in prison for assaulting a police officer. He is a proud American.

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