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Letter to Works in Progress

About the September 2014 Issue

To Works in Progress staff:

I am grateful for Works in Progress and what you provide to our community. I found the the Hobby Lobby article informative and insightful. I was however troubled by the cover of the September issue. The Celtic cross (the cross with the circle at the intersection of two lines) is figured twice on the cover and is clearly the most predominant. This Celtic cross symbol is used primarily by the Episcopal Church and also the Roman Catholic church. The Hobby Lobby Green family seems to be affiliated with Assemblies of God churches and my Internet search finds no indication of their use of the Celtic cross symbol.

I think the Episcopal Church has been in the vanguard of inclusion, acceptance, and equality. I am Episcopalian and I was saddened to see this symbol associated with the Hobby Lobby story.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts.

Susan Todd, Olympia

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