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Initiative-732–revenue neutral carbon tax ballot measure

 Signature campaign is launched 

As citizens concerned about climate change, we are disappointed to see the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act fail to be included in either the Washington State House or Senate versions of the 2015-2017 budget.

Unfortunately, the impacts from climate change will not be delayed because of legislative inertia. Now is the time to act. That is why citizens are launching a nonpartisan campaign, Carbon Washington, to place Initiative 732 before the legislature in early 2016, which, unless passed, will go to the voters in November of 2016.

The Carbon Washington proposal uses the revenue from a $25 per ton tax on fossil fuels to reduce existing taxes. There will be a full percentage point reduction in the sales tax, a fully funded Working Families Tax Rebate, and an effective elimination of the B&O tax for manufacturers. If passed, this policy would be the strongest carbon price in the nation and would be the most significant progressive shift in Washington’s tax code since the 1977 sales tax exemption on groceries. For policy details, visit .

Carbon Washington has a newly hired staff, volunteer chapters across the state and endorsements including Citizens Climate Lobby and the Seattle Business Magazine. We are preparing to collect 315,000 signatures from April-December of 2015.

We invite you to join the Carbon Washington leadership, staff, and volunteers in supporting Initiative 732. To help with this campaign in Thurston County, or to get more information about it contact:

Michelle Morris, CarbonWA Thurston County Representative: P. 360-867-1033 E. or   Thad Curtz, CarbonWA Thurston County Steering Committee Co-Chair: P. 360-352-2209 E.

“We want to tax pollution, not people.”

Carbon Washington


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