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Don’t Congregate
Don’t Elaborate
Just to Placate
the State of Quo.


Your Boss, Health,
Gender, Sex, History
Privatize it
Individuate it all
in the the State of Quo.


Go Deep
Disappear within
It’s all Toxic and the Air is Thin
Individuate. It’s the Only Win
In the State of Quo.


You’ve got the Screen
That Holy Thing
Click it, Thumb it.
Individuate it.
In the State of Quo.


I spend time
Looking for ways
to escape the Individuate
but it’s a ruthless insistence
In the State of Quo


My friend says Liberate.
Where’s the exit? Where’s the phone booth?
The market keeps me pinned
texts, emails, calls to my individuated thing
In the State of Quo.

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