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I’m not asking why

I’m not asking why
but I’m asking what
now and what next?


This is global
a matter of high volume
and limited capacity


like how traffic used to be on I-5
or the security lines at the airport
systems have jams and breaking


points. So much is broken
cracked, beyond capacity
this now though is liminal time


space. Let’s watch as the CO2
curves flatten as the air
and canals
clear. Clarity to organize
and re


organize our lives
against the domination
of the capitalist system


What we don’t need
cruise ships
frequent flyers


elders in contained homes
children in confined
my own brother’s job


to arrange promotions
for processed and packaged
food. He’s got nothing to do


as he works from home.


Teachers on the other
hand are re-tooling
learning Zoom and


rewriting curriculum to be
relevant for our students’ lives
now in pandemic


in isolation and holding
hope in the kids
who aren’t getting sick


but will know this time
in memory. Keepers of history
and future. Why, is not


a question for me, but What?


we need farmers
in the neighborhood
a new kind of learning


A knowledge born of solidarity
not of individualism
or identity.


re-distribute the wealth
re-imagine the future
re-tool for the new world


evolving from the old one.


Kathleen Byrd


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