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Human Liberation

two million imprisoned

mostly black and brown

expensive in lives

expensive in dollars


slow genocide


who knows if you did

any of what empire accused

but when the average murderer

serves seven years inside

your eighty year sentence

is clearly unjust


three women living in a white-washed concrete

cage built for one

no room

no property

no space

stored like lost baggage


the casual cruelty of male violence

keeps your female body in line

watching you in the shower

on the toilet

patting your body familiarly

for weapons of mass destruction

completely missing the missiles of your words

targeting you

expecting you

to cringe as a controlled victim


you must have scared them

Texas white girl

hanging with the brothers

looking for justice

looking for human rights

looking for women’s equality

you must have scared them

after sixteen years inside

they locked you in a hole in a hole

September 11 terrorism


a paranoid police state

will never celebrate you

they cannot force you

to cut out your own tongue

—for Marilyn Buck,

political prisoner

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