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HRC supporters turn on progressive media

Our survival is on the line.

As we all know, the US presidential campaign has divided many in the progressive community.

Our news team has worked hard over the last year covering the Democratic presidential primary. Many of our long-time supporters are not happy with us and our extensive coverage of Bernie Sanders’ campaign. They are Clinton supporters and they hoped we would be covering a coronation – and not a hard-fought primary campaign. And, they are letting us know.

Here’s just a sampling of what some of our larger past donors have been writing to us:

“I have been a supporter (including substantial financial support!) for many years. Why have you wasted so much space on Bernie Sanders? What has he ever accomplished?”

“I had donated to you before, but no more—I guess I’m not a Progressive. I am a Hillary supporter.“

“I have donated generously to CD for years but now I’m with Hillary.”

“I would love to throw you a few bucks as I have done in the past, but I am a Hillary fan. Contributing at this time will not be possible.”

“It’s time for women who have worked hard to get their chance. Sanders had no substantial long-term vision and he didn’t offer much in Congress over 30 years! He was a bum till he was 30, while HRC worked circles around him.”

We are proud of our team’s news coverage and analysis of the political revolution that swept the nation and continues to be a hopeful and powerful force for change. We wouldn’t change a thing.

But—because we rely on our readers for support, we can’t afford to lose any of our funding base. Since we don’t have corporate sponsors or sell advertising, we are left with one solution. We must find new donors, and we must ask those who are still with us to step up.

If you have appreciated our campaign coverage and want progressive, independent media to survive, we need your help now. Our fundraising projections for 2016 are way off. If our fundraising doesn’t improve, we can’t continue.



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