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Highlights from the amici curiae briefs supporting Stormans’ appeal

“Should the Ninth Circuit’s decision be allowed to stand, government will be emboldened to politicize every issue and compel obedience to its political views, leading to the development of a totalitarian state.” Public Advocate of the United States, et al

“This Court2 should ignore any invocation of a free-range federalism that escapes its constitutional fences.“  13 states

“Just as a newly born human infant left alone in an environment without human milk or formula is no less human, neither is a human being at the embryonic stage of development any less human when a drug prevents the embryo’s nourishment that can only be received in the environment of uterine implantation..” Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists et al.

“Planned Parenthood maneuvered, with its allies inside state government, to capture a state regulatory agency in order to drive out of business those pharmacies which disagree with the group’s abortion rights ideology.” Public Advocate

“Until Washington’s adoption of the regulations at issue here, the nation had consistently refrained from compelling religious objectors to participate in abortions.” Bruderhof and Amish

“The logical extension of such efforts will be that Bible-believing Christians who do not yield to every aspect of the unfolding dictates of Secular Humanism will be unable to make a living except, perhaps, as common laborers.” Public Advocate

“Since 2013 it [Plan B] has been available on grocery and drugstore shelves without a prescription.” Christian Legal Society

“Their sincerely held religious belief in the inherent dignity of every human life thus leads them to ascribe moral value to pre-implantation human beings.” Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists et al

“No one was harmed by the tolerant and accommodating practice of facilitated referrals, which directed patients to nearby pharmacies.” National Association of Evangelicals et al

“Planned Parenthood organized a boycott of Stormans and its affiliated grocery stores.”  Public Advocate

“The Obama Administration has demonstrated no reluctance to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to become complicit in abortion.” Public Advocate

“Their belief that it is gravely immoral to participate in the taking of human life is informed by the objective medical science establishing that a new, distinct, human being comes into existence at the moment of sperm-egg fusion.”  Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists et al

“In this case, the Pharmacy Commission operates on an unstated religious axiom which elevates the right to kill one’s baby over the baby’s right to life.” Public Advocate

“Washington’s regulations threaten patient well-being in addition to threatening the religious liberty of individual healthcare professionals.”  4609 Individual Healthcare Providers

“If permitted to stand, the [9th circuit’s] decision threatens to consign religion and religious objectors to second-class status by prohibiting adherents from upholding their religious commitments while participating fully and equally in economic life.”

 Agudath Israel

“The Rules thus operate to penalize religious referrals, not to ensure the broad availability of prescription drugs: it is business as usual under the Rules for most pharmacies, but it is open season for religious objectors.”  Agudath Israel

“The district court noted that even while the State was pursuing enforcement action against Ralph’s, no Catholic-affiliated pharmacy in the state has ever been investigated for substantially the same conduct. The Ninth Circuit blithely dismissed this concern, stating that the ‘Commission did not investigate alleged non-compliance among Catholic pharmacies for the simple reason that the Commission received no complaints against those pharmacies.’” Agudath Israel

“Plan B and ella, have the capacity to end the life of a new human being.” Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists et al

“In fact, ella’s deadliness is confirmed by its high rate of “effectiveness.” Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists et al

“Much of the American elite could envision nothing worse than living in a nation where Christians enjoyed any degree of political power, for fear it would impinge their lifestyle choices.” Public Advocate

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