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Have you no sense of decency, sir?*

Children of my children,

Lead me to this fight.

Do your children have no children, sir?


You peddle yet another gadget,

Offer only salves or charmed potions.

Deny the peril of our common plight.


You cloud the real danger,

While lingering on the far-fetched.

You sleazy fear-monger.


You tip on toes and dance around,

As we slowly fade,

Not so gently into the abyss.


Doubt-caster and shape-shifter,

You steal the common good.

Have you no conscience, sir?


Who will buy your widgets, or your poisons,

When there is no water to drink?

Have you no brain, sir?

–Maureen Canny


*Title is from a Joseph N. Welch quote, directed to Senator McCarthy during the McCarthy hearings, June 1954.

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