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Global Warming

Global Warming


This is the dawning of the Age of Precarious

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

Tantamount to suicide, I’d say

To people pulling into Texaco, Chevron…

Were they able to hear me through the tint

But they have silenced me with their SUV, their Shell

It reminds me of what was created by the starved

minds of previous generations

In fairy tale, myth, religion, and rhyme

Where we’re headed

Hell, where we are now

What we have created

Hell. Not a story or legend or allegory

But reality

Ours. Hell.

It IS getting hot in here

And it’s not just me

But there is a positive aspect

The silver lining in the cloud

That will strike me down or drop rain ‘til I drown

Have you guessed it, sussed it out?

Can you not see?

The product of our self-destruction and suffering?

Finally the focus is not “I”

But “we”

broKEN is an Evergreen grad struggling to make ends meet stocking food and beer at The Lucky Seven. Hobbies: writing, collage, painting, collecting records and watching DVDs with my cat Jezebel.


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