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From Anonymous to Officials

To Olympia officials who attempted to invade our spaces to present the meaningless gray dribble you call a resolution.

You are mistaken to assume any claim of communication with Olympia Stand. We do not accept any compromised official into our action spaces for public relations purposes. Not one of you was ever invited in. Do you think we would come this far only to invite you in to hear more lies? Clearly the City of Olympia and the Public Port of Olympia have no intention of honoring any agreement to protect Earth.

We do not believe a word spoken by your officials as your intention is to serve those who function to destroy Earth while pretending to do the opposite. Your individual benefit is tied to the very monster that destroys us, by economy and by belief. Your resolutions are presented in bad faith and carry no structural changes. They are presented as a ruse.Why would Olympia Stand waste time with you? Possibly you are entertained by your resolutions, but we are simply bored. In regards to this letter, you appear only foolish speaking this gibberish, you are faced with the destruction of Earth and you continue to babble. What a waste of fragile time, what a waste of beauty.

It is not rational for you to believe you can change where we are by telling more lies and speaking more babble. This is very sad to us. It is sorrow. You can release yourself from sorrow by seeking direction from the Protectors with Olympia Stand to end your relationship with the destroyers.

We take special offense that your paper describes our recent event as a “standoff,” this is a colonizer’s portrayal of resistance, presented falsely, to confuse the oppressor and the oppressed. We carried no weapons. We have taken a stand to protect and you sent in your militarized police force to destroy. You used public dollars to escort a private interest train carrying weapons-ammunition to be used for Earth’s destruction, you then take more public dollars as personal compensation for the horrible things you’ve done. While charging their chemical weapons in our direction, responding to facts that they are in control of nothing, your military did you no service. You have only exposed your interests and allegiances clearly.

We honored every code of humanity. You sent papers and voices filled with lies to hide the lies that were told before the last lie spoken. You sent liars masked in human faces, where our humans are only masked. You entered our spaces without permission, like thieves, you tried to trick entry, you openly violated our spaces with your uninvited presence.

As long as you serve to profit from the destruction of Earth, as long as you serve those who do, you grow week as we remain strong. We do not acknowledge any imagined position you hold for yourself as authority or ally. No more compromises until our demands are met whole. You will see us again.

Anonymous Affinity
Olympia Stand, Protector

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