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End the bombing of Yemen

President Trump’s veto of a bill directing him to withdraw support for the war on Yemeni people confirms the President’s willingness to make the American people accomplices in delivering death and destruction to people in a land no American gives a damn about.  The phrase “worst humanitarian crisis in the world” has lost its power as it is repeated and repeated and yet we do nothing different, nothing changes in our hearts or our country’s policies.  A  collection of disturbing photographs might still be able to convey some of the losses we are responsible for.

As the 2020 election draws closer, US  involvement in Yemen as well as the broader debate around congressional war powers will be important foreign policy litmus tests for candidates hoping to differentiate themselves from a president who has continued our role as assistants to the Saudi government in five years of dropping bombs on the people of Yemen.

Photo—Lockheed Martin’s sign gets spray painted with truth

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