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Emails with FBLM obtained through FOIA prove the Port’s interest in military shipments

The following emails detail some of our public disclosure  findings presented in a September 15 Port Militarization Resistance (PMR) communication.

Emails obtained through public disclosure requests made by Robert Gorrill, working with Olympia PMR, confirm the port has been actively seeking military shipments and coordinating with local city and county officials for the movement of military equipment through the  port. In a June 7, 2016 e-mail  sent to  the army’s transportation lead, Michael (Miguel) Jimenez, to Port of Olympia  Marine Terminal Manager Len Faucher writes:

From: Len Faucher [ mailto: LenF@portolympia. Com ]

Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2016 11: 36 AM

To: Jimenez, Michael L CIV USARMY 597 TRANS BDF

Subject: [ Non- DoD Source] Port of Olympia – Military Cargo

I want to provide an update for you based on our last dialogue here in Olympia regarding the potential opportunity for cargo later this year. You had left it that the Port should contact the local elected officials in order to ensure support and protection accordingly. The Port’ s upper management, Executive Director, and commission have been actively engaging with the City of Olympia mayor, council members and staff as well as other elected county officials to discuss the need to exercise the Port with military cargoes. I want you to know that the concerns from the April 1st meeting are being discussed through these outreach measures with our elected officials and we believe the dialogue is going well. We further anticipate that there is a good level of political will to move cargo through the Port and will continue those discussions  locally.

Port Executive Director Ed Galligan presented his own methods to market the Port of Olympia for  military shipments, at one point inviting the  I Corps base commander to a private dinner, as shown in this email:

From: Ed Galligan [ mailto: edg@portolympia. com

Sent: Friday, April 29, 2016 12: 00 PM

To: Lanza, Stephen R LTG USARMY I CORPS ( US)

Subject: [ Non- DoD Source] Dinner Meeting

Importance: High

Dear Stephen,

Is there a time during the last week in the month of May, or a time throughout the month of June, that I may have the honor of hosting dinner for you and your wife at Basilico Restaurant, in downtown Olympia?

No agenda, just casual conversation over excellent Italian food and wine ( my wife is Italian, though raised in France, spent most of her summers in Italy with family, so Basilico’ s owner “ lights up” to have the chance to carry on the conversation in Italian – always seems to get us extra special treatment too!).


Marketing efforts to move equipment from JBLM for possible deployment last May, as well as redeployment (return) in this month of September was the goal of port staff.  PMR researchers learned that the May deployment went through Tacoma , though Port of Olympia staff continued to seek the return shipment.

The following email indicates earlier contact between Ed Galligan and the base commander, and gives evidence that Port Commissioners were aware of the efforts to sell the port for military use  – along with dates of military cargo – from early spring:

From: Ed Galligan/ Poly

To: Commissioners

Cc: Len Faucher/ Poly@Poly

Date: 03/ 29/ 2016 10: 28 AM

Subject: Military Shipments – Brief report


Rare that I ever schedule something that prevents me from attending commission meetings. Last night was an exception and scheduled by the I Corp Commanding General. It was worth the visit. There is a good potential for the Port of Olympia to secure one or two military cargo shipments yet this year, roughly May and September time frames.

I will be following up with Lt. Gen. Lanza today and coordinating with the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command ( SDDC) in Texas. Marine Terminal director, Len and team, are also meeting later this week to coordinate schedules.

Such deployments are always subject to change however currently we’ll be doing all we can to make it happen efficiently and effectively for our U.S. Army! Will keep you apprised.


The following email shows that the Port was close to confirming a shipment which was to begin this week on September 16th.  In a June 22, 2016 email to Marine Terminal Manager Len Faucher,  base transportation specialist Susan Pearson writes:

From: “ Pearson, Susan M CIV USARMY 597 TRANS BIDE

To: Len Faucher <>

Date: 06/ 22/2016 11: 41 AM

Subject: Military Use of POO ( UNCLASSIFIED)


Just one final note to confirm that you definitely have a green light from the city manager, and that planning of the redeployment of the MV OCEAN GLORY to the Port of Olympia on/ a 16- 23 SEP can proceed.

Do we need to have another meeting before hand?

Port Militarization Resistance monitored port traffic and  prepared for direct action civil resistance if equipment arrived.  The emails showed that the military was interested in  “testing the waters” after mass protests deterred the of use of the port for military movement following the November, 2007 protests.

From: “ Jimenez, Michael L CIV USARMY 597 TRANS BIDE

To: ‘ Len Faucher’ <LenF@portolympia. com>

Date: 06/ 09/ 2016 12: 27 PM

Subject: RE: [ Non- DoD Source] Port of Olympia – Military Cargo

The next possible window as previously discussed is the redeployment of Pacific Pathways 16- 2 in September. That particular mission is an appropriate level to test the waters given its limited size making it a fairly quick throughput.

The emails show a pattern of concerted efforts by unelected port staff to initiate contact and market use of the port to the military:

From: Ed Galligan/ Poly

To: Len Faucher/ Poly@Poly

Date: 06/ 09/ 2016 03: 00 PM

Subject: Fw: [ Non- DoD Source] Port of Olympia – Military Cargo

I just finished a good conversation with Bob Jones, remind me to debrief with you on advancing the strategy concerning securing military cargo through the Port.

A key comment from Bob may be helpful in advancing, plus Bob is going to work on setting up a lunch meeting for us here at the Port followed by a tour with Major Gen. Lane who is in charge of the Sustainment Division and the one actually leading the movement of cargo.

Also, want to talk about our tariff as to how is addresses security cost.





Date: Fri, Jun 10, 2016 3: 46 PM

Subject: Thanks for the Opportunity to Help


It was great to meet with you yesterday and to be able to help the Port with any future military traffic. Toward that end, I laid the groundwork for your meeting at the Port with MG Tom James, CG, 7th Infantry Division, and some senior staff/commanders. They are asking for a couple or three dates. Let me know when you are ready. Thanks again.



PMR researchers learned that Bob Jones, who retired from the military long time ago, stated his specialty as “logistics support for combat operations” in a 2015 candidate statement for a forum organized by longtime Olympia resident Dan Leahy. Jones presented himself to fill the District 3 Port Commission seat, which another candidate was elected to fill. The e-mails show, though Bob didn’t earn the position of Commissioner, he continued to influence the port’s direction.

This is a crude practice of old boy cronyism. What is clearly troubling is that these two port employees (along with Ed’s buddy Bob) have re-structured power and appropriate public resources for their own interests, yet they are not elected persons and seem to be so far out of step with what  people care about most  in our community – our most common values for non-aggression, for sustainable projects that are in sync with the needs of the  land and water.

Our health and safety should not be overrun by those who do not represent us. There are environmental concerns in handling military equipment that is used in combat scenarios. “Lead and depleted uranium are hazards that can be left in our land, water when contaminated equipment moves through unchecked.  Will the port ask for records showing the legal directives for handling damaged and contaminated equipment were followed? What risk management do they have they in place?

–Olympia PMR


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