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Defected to The Squirrels

Today I defect and join the squirrels

They live in trees with no

building permits cops jails or taxes

I have seen treehouse masters and wholeheartedly agree

Trees make much better foundations

Than concrete


The squirrels know how people are

Stay away from most of them

At least arm’s length

Many will kill you eat you run you over

Only a few in a lifetime

Say hi and share peanuts


Like we plant the forests

Not effing Weyerhaeuser

Squirrels take care of family

Adopt each other’s babies

Communicate with the heavens

Look up out high alert the forest

Predators are coming

Smoke fire storm

Squirrels see the world and speak

Plan for the future keep

Scatter seeds

Chatter and whip their tails around

Yep that’s me

Defected to the squirrels


Lennée Reid is a spiritualist, environmentalist and spoken word artist. Her eBook “An Evergreen State of Mind” is available on Amazon. Find her on Facebook or Twitter @lenneereid


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