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Cover Collage (February 2013)

Description, clockwise from upper left and spiraling inward:
1) The Backpack Six (Patrick Edelbacher, Sarah Dunne-ACLU of WA Legal Director, Liz Rivera Goldstein, Phan Nguyen, Leah Coakley, Charlie Bevis, and Tom McCarthy) stand outside of the Tacoma Union Station United States Courthouse on the first day of their trial against the City of Tacoma. After 10 days of court hearings, 8 jurors decided in favor of the City, deciding against two counts of allegations that protesters’ 1st and 4th Amendment civil rights were violated.
2) Carl Bond flies a sign at the Olympia F.O.R. Holiday Peace Vigil,
3) A slice of the many dozens of supporters of Scotty Yoos gather for a pre-hearing vigil at the Thurston County Courthouse, for more information about the latest with Scotty’s case, please tune you web-browser to,
4) Bourtai Hargrove, Chair of the Olympia F.O.R. Confronting the Climate Crisis working group, at the 2012 Holiday Peace Vigil,
5) High tide at Percival Landing, December 2012,
6) MLK Jr. Lobby Day, march to and rally at the State Legislature,
7) MLK Jr. atomic weapons protest at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor,
8) Mary Abramson at the No Coal Train rally prior to EIS Seattle scoping hearing, December 2012,
9) Olympia F.O.R. and several other climate justice groups rally to Confront the Climate Crisis, Monday 14 January 2013 opening day of the Washington State Legislature, a human mural was created to spell “No Coal,” and “,”
10) South Sound Buddhist Peace Fellowship — Peace Walk in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, to honor and celebrate the life and work of Martin Luther King.

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