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CORRECTION: The Truth About GMO’s


I would like to apologize to Works In Progress readers for an incorrect statement I made
in the article “The Truth About GMOs”, published in the February online version of WiP.

In my list of what we know about GMO’s I made the following statement: “The USDA Organic label ensures that the product is 95% free of GMO’s. (Organic Standards allows 5% to get by.)” That should have read: “The USDA Organic label ensures that the product is 95% organic. (Organic Standards allows 5% non-organic ingredients to get by.)” I have been informed that the USDA Organic Standards allow for NO GMO’s to get by. This means that they stand behind the guarantee that when you purchase anything with a USDA Organic label, you are getting a product totally free of GMO’s.

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