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Climate crisis, anyone?

Producing, transporting and liquefying natural gas is acknowledged to produce high levels of carbon, but due to technology and new fields, it’s now possible to produce an abundance of natural gas. Getting it to far away markets means liquefying it. Back in February, WIP reported on plans for new LNG terminals in the Pacific Northwest. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency just made a preliminary determination that Puget Energy’s proposed LNG terminal in Tacoma meets environmental regulations. The usual “public comment” period and hearing will follow this fall. Similarly, Canadian environmental regulators in British Columbia gave Canada LNG the go-ahead for its proposed four-train LNG export terminal near Kitimat, BC. Canada LNG is a consortium of some of the most profitable multinationals in the world. Those projects had been stalled until the government put together a package of tax exemptions and electric rate reductions worth an estimated $5.35 billion.

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