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Blue Heron becomes a Co-op

Another Co-Opportunity!

Blue Heron Bakery, which has successfully served the South Sound community and beyond for over 45 years, will become a community-owned cooperative in 2023. The bakery joins an increasing number of successful businesses operating as co-ops, to the benefit of both workers and consumers.

“Our intention is to keep the legacy of the bakery vibrant for future generations,” said current owner Evan Price. “We have been sustained through community support all these years, so it makes sense to entrust the bakery to our customers and workers.”

The new Blue Heron Co-op will be worker managed, and owned by both consumer and worker members. Both groups of members will have seats on the board of directors.The mission of the members is to nourish a vibrant local economy and culture by keeping money in the community and by partnering with other local businesses and cooperatives.

To become a member, you must be at least 18 years old. An initial $77 membership share price is FULLY refundable. If you decide to leave the co-op, the co-op will purchase your share back from you. This is the norm for how co-ops operate. (It’s the same with the Olympia Food Co-op, for example.)

The Blue Heron Co-op Board has set the member discount rate at 7%. This means that if you buy a loaf of bread and a bag of granola every week, members will save that $77 in about a year’s time. That’s a good investment — for members, for our community, and for a sustainable food system for our future!

Ways to sign up to join Blue Heron Bakery Community Cooperative:

For more information, email

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