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black widow

By Lennée Reid

revolution of consciousness circle of life wheel of dharma karma center of the universe we threads of web intertwined I black widow my thoughts energy expressed sound your ears receive here now we share one memory I find my mind wanders I lose my ego by soul go fly download peace of mind manifest this inside outside up down revolution round and round confusion state of shock genocide murder cops stop the flood of blood in the street flow of traffic stop the madness shut down the racist classist prison industry no more drug war stop break it down build new revolution round town small business down hit by outsourced offshore downfall resolution go green team buy organic local weed legalize the cure we need sacred pieces of mother earth gives birth to spirit I heed air I breathe earth I be water my blood pumps goddess Im on fire resolution spirit freedom rider awareness riser higher I’m up in the sky on cloud 9 where poetry bombs ignite blow minds point expands circumpunct gaia cup filled with sun I stare at light to see truth this fights blindness so when mindless guidance leads through the night rise in the dark to see brightly reflect like the moon nightly ponder round revolution dominance submission patent masters profit off slave wages your asses and taxes buy war machines fuck politicians that trickle down poverty goes round revolution idle no more get moving rise up lead yourself past this go forward to revolution baltimore ferguson slavery justice and freedom need revolution within you and me I see bondage migrant farm workers come on now please resolution be free show solidarity palestine Syria unistoten nican tlaca revolution refugees follow me to the sea level global warming rise up fukushima meltdown california dry up goes flames down fall ashes to ashes dust to dust revolution serves carcasses children starfish porpoises grolar bears know where glaciers splash iceberg crash titanic sinking down fall revolution around pollution rappelling off bridges kayaktivists stop drilling oil rig explodes coal train rolls cargo dark clouds go up chemtrails sprayed downfall pain and strife resolution revolution web of life sees all feels all holds all heals all watch now fuck me I am black widow

Lennée Reid, a geeky vegan-ish Universalist witch doctor slam poet activist survivor goddess on the spectrum, doesn’t like labels.

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He was once a little green ball of clay Bernie!…