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And then this happened

From the May reporting on the National Bail Out Collective:  The call  raised over $440,000 to help local organizers fight mass incarceration  This past Mothers Day, the contributions freed over 140 Black women from jail and gave them the opportunity  to reunite with their families,

From the December 2017 WIP “Emerging Societal Organizational Structures” offered an optimistic appraisal of the “block chain” technology on which bitcoin depends.  In order to use bitcoin, transactions must be verified with a key—a specific sequence of numbers.  That’s done by running software on specially designed computers to the tune of about 2 billion attempts per key. That’s hot computing—worldwide,  enough electricity to power all of Ireland.

Chelan County Public Utility District (Chelan PUD)  has now put a moratorium on “enterprises” “mining” bitcoin while they try to figure out how to keep their systems from being taken over by the virtual economy.  Over the past year, people (and of course companies) trying to get rich off bitcoin have discovered cheap electricity from PUDs with their own hydroelectric dams.  Bitcoin’s high density load sucks up huge amounts of electricity and diminishes the useful life of the system components—without producing a single job.  And the bitcoin system is designed to require more and more electricity as time goes on.

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