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An open letter to Patty Murray


I am not an economist. It should not be necessary for all of us in America to be “national debt economists.” This is why we have a—branch government. To oversee our budget—our tax dollars. Unfortunately one of the parties, the supposedly fiscal conservative Republicans, with the help of lobbyists and corporations and a bloated military industrial complex has literally drained the coffers (not the swamp) for their own wealth and wealth being. Pure greed.

Now, America, if you are paying attention, is in a fiscal, environmental and consequently…health crisis. It is hard to have the time to analyze or see the light (or dark) at the end of the tunnel for those still working and paying taxes to support their families and an increasing heap of consuming dead wood.

As the 1% is excused from paying their fair share this makes it increasingly difficult for those paying more than their share. A system clearly not sustainable.

So although I am not an economist, I do know our economy has gone awry! I feel it. When a pound of butter and a nutritious loaf of bread cost $10 (or more) and a median priced fixer-upper house in Olympia, WA, lists at $345,000, we have a problem.

It is not clear to me which people are doing great in Donald Trump’s world but I am thinking probably it is that top 1%-flying high. Those top five big Oil Giants who make more money than the rest of us combined. Or possibly it’s the Insurance Industry, which comes in earning second place?

Certainly it is not the people I know and see each day. These people are hoping for world peace, for some “new age” Boston Tea Party, a resistance, or at the very least a 21st century Robin Hood to get our money back for us…the money we lost in the 2008 Freddie & Fannie Wall Street predatory thievery.

Remember that? It’s coming ‘round, again. What are we to think? This time we have no more blood to give here in economically challenged America…no more houses to forfeit—that’s the truth!

Carol Seaman, A displeased citizen
Aberdeen, WA

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