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Posts published in “Issue: July 2019

About this Issue – July 2019

The community we want to build: For all practical purposes we live in a society fixated on increasing the economic value of those who are already wealthy by decreasing the economic value of the other humans. The success of the first project requires the completion of the second: the two states are directly proportional to each other....

Then this happened…

Our June issue was about the huge gap between how much money people have to live on, and the developers’ firm belief in expensive housing. We included a photo of the Rants Group’s planned
luxury condos in downtown Olympia.

Getting wise to the smartgrid, Part one

Somewhat quietly, the next generation of wireless technology, 5G (for 5th Generation), is sprouting up in cities around the globe. At this juncture, communities would ideally be given the opportunity to weigh in on these fundamental questions. Do people want this kind of future? What impact will this technology have…

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