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2019 Sierra Club South Sound local endorsements

Helen Wheatley, Olympia Port Commissioner, District 1

Helen has served on the Hanford Advisory Board, as a team leader in a U.S. Dept of Energy review process regarding cleanup along the Columbia River, and was Vice Chair of the Columbia River and Plateau Committee. Her priorities are to provide fact-based oversight and good governance, prioritizing the environment, and enhancing sustainable economic development. She believes the Port has a direct role in the planning for the future of Olympia peninsula/downtown area for sea level rise and for protecting and restoring native fisheries and productive estuarine tidelands in Puget Sound. She opposes the use of the Port for storage and export of fossil fuels and fracking materials. She advocates the Port should promote local farming and food production. She believes the Port has a key role to play in addressing water quality issues in considering dredging a She believes the Port has a key role to play in addressing water quality issues and in considering dredging and stormwater treatment.

Nathaniel Jones, Olympia Mayor

Nathaniel has been a City Council member for 6 years, is currently Mayor Pro Tem, Chairs the Thurston Regional Planning Council, and contributed to the development of the Thurston County’s Climate Adaptation Plan and Mitigation Plan. He is strongly aligned with Sierra Club goals and policies. He has been an advocate for policies to combat climate change by reducing the use of fossil fuels. He advocates for building and transportation policies that reduce pollution and conserve energy. He has been a leader in Olympia’s planning for sea level rise and advocates for a county wide collaborative Five Year Homeless Response Plan that will address housing issues, combat the environmental effects of homelessness, and provide compassionate programs to assist people off the streets and into homes.

Jessica Bateman, co-endorsed for Olympia City Council, Position 2

Jessica is an incumbent whose proudest environmental accomplishment was when the city of Olympia adopted ambitious greenhouse gas emission targets. Her priorities are to increase capacity to address homelessness and affordable housing, revitalize downtown and create a strong local economy, and reducing our climate impact while adapting to sea level rise. She supports converting Capitol Lake back into an estuary.

Phyllis Booth, co-endorsed for Olympia City Council, Position 2

Phyllis hopes as a council member to inspire people to live more simply and respect the environment. She hopes to be an example of putting environmental values into practice. Her priorities are to increase citizen participation, to make city departments more accountable to taxpayers and to incentivize carpooling and bus ridership. She supports infill in neighborhoods, as long as infrastructure is addressed and she supports a plan to remove the dam at Capitol Lake.

Dani Madrone co-endorsed for Olympia City Council, Position 3

Dani has a Master’s degree in Public Policy and a B.S. in Environmental Studies. She is employed by NW Indian Fisheries. Her priorities are environmental protection and addressing homelessness/housing by advocating for strong neighborhoods, better conversations and community organizing.

Matt Goldenberg co-endorsed for Olympia City Council, Position 3

Matt is a Clinical Psychologist and is running on an environmental justice platform. His priorities are housing, equity and improving communication. He advocates preparing for climate change by plans for floods, warming and cooling centers, and fire prevention.

Leatta Dahlhoff, Tumwater City Council, Position 1

Leatta was appointed to the City Council in 2018 and prior to that served on the Tumwater Planning Commission for 4 years. Since 2002 she has been a Toxics Waste Reduction Specialist with the Washington Dept of Ecology. Her priorities are Public Health (substance abuse/mental health), Smart/Sustainable Economic Growth (developing the Brewery District), and Environmental Sustainability (ensuring clean air, land and water for generations to come.

Tom Oliva, Tumwater City Council, Position 2

Tom is a 10 year incumbent and is running unopposed. He warranted a Sierra Club endorsement because of his contributions to the Sustainable Thurston Plan and work to pass the Tumwater Metropolitan Parks District ballot which will expand and improve city parks. He represents Tumwater on the Climate Mitigation task force at the Thurston Regional Planning Council which will produce actionable steps to reduce our regional carbon footprint.

Joan Cathey, Tumwater City Council, Position 3

Joan is a 10 year incumbent and is Mayor Pro Tem. She advocates working on reducing the city’s carbon footprint, supporting the regional Climate Action plan, promoting the use of solar and wind energy and increasing biking paths. She has requested a review and mapping of truck routes to develop a plan to reduce the impact on air quality, especially near schools and senior living developments. She worked to establish the Isabella Bush park as a site for the Tumwater School District and the nonprofit GRuB where students, teachers and volunteers grow food sustainably.

Charlie Schneider, Tumwater City Council, Position 7

Charlie was recognized as the top National Sierra Club Outings Leader in 2015 and has been active in the American Hiking Society, the Capitol Land Trust, Native Plant Salvage, Stream Team and a Salmon Steward Docent. He advocates promoting the use of renewable energy, public transit and energy efficiency in building codes. His priorities are more parks and open spaces, affordable housing and reducing drug use by our youth.


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