2017 Olympia City Council Primary Elections, August 1st

A majority of the Olympia City Council positions are up for election this year. Three of those four positions have a primary.  The Thurston County Elections Office will mail your voter pamphlet to you  on July 5th.  On July 12th, they will mail your primary ballot to you.

In the 2015 primary election only 22% of the county’s registered voters bothered to vote. This means that of the 116,658 registered voters in Thurston County’s 200 precincts, only 26,063 voted in August 2015. This does not produce government by the majority. Works in Progress hopes that the turnout this August will be a great deal higher.

The primary itself is August 1st. All registered voters in Olympia can vote in this primary election. All these positions are nonpartisan. To find out more about each candidate, check the link provided.

If you have not registered to vote, you must come into the Thurston County Auditor’s Election Office by July 24th in order to vote in the primary election.  Elections office phone: (360) 786-5408.

City Council Position 5 has three new contestants, Lisa Parshley, Deborah S. Lee and Allen Miller.

No incumbent is running for this position. Lisa Parshley,lisa.parshley@ovccpets.com (503) 729-0238. Deborah S. Lee, deborah4oly@gmail.com. (360) 515-5538.  Allen Miller, allen@atmlawoffice.com (360) 754-9156.

City Council Position 6 has incumbent City Council member Jeannine Roe. Challengers are Renata Rollins and Michael Snodgrass. Jeannineroe2009@yahoo.com (360) 789-8352, Renata Rollins, renataforcouncil@gmail.com (360) 481-5753, Michael Snodgrass, elect.snodgrass.for.council@gmail.com

City Council Position 7 has incumbent City Council member Jim Cooper. Challengers are Daniel (Danny) Marsh and Heather Wood. Jim Cooper, jim@electjimcooper.com (360) 451-9053, Daniel (Danny) Marsh, daniel@electdanielmarsh.com (206) 708-5455, Heather Wood, honorableheatherwood2017@gmail.com (360) 551-0674.

Dan Leahy is a citizen.

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